How to wear African Print skirts

With Sunny weather around the corner, it's time to get popping with those prints and an essential for every woman's wardrobe is a print skirt, more specifically, an African print skirt. So we have compiled 20 looks with African print skirts and styling tips for you to help you with your summer print skirt adventures. Check it out, you will not be disappointed. And click here to shop some beautiful print skirts for yourself.


For the ultimate sunny day look, a bold, colourful skirt paired with a white tshirt or blouse is the way to go. This easy to put together look is breezy and fun, in the best way possible.

African print skirtA more formal blouse and a blazer will take African print skirt from casual to dressy which means you can wear it to a party or a more formal gathering.


Ankara skirt

Speaking of dressing up, African prints are a great alternative to your typical evening gown. Why not try a beautiful mermaid skirt with an embellished or lace top for your next red carpet style event.

Or if you are feeling really bold, go for a very full maxi skirt, and pair it with an equally bold and funky button down shirt and finish off with some unexpected accesories, like a hat or some statement earrings.

And since we're on maxi skirts, try combining two of this summer's biggest trends, African print and denim. That's right, why not rock your denim top with an Ankara maxi skirt for a look that is both bold and laidback. 

African print and stripesOr, if you're not a denim top wearing kind of girl, how about some stripes with your African prints? A classic western striped top pairs beautifully with most African print skirts. Not yet convinced, here's some more proof below

Ankara stripes

We think it's the perfect pairing of cultures.

scottish African print

And speaking of pairing cultures. We found out, by accident, that Scottish plaids also pair really well with African prints. The trick here is to pick same colours or colours in the same family

How about some Ankara skirts for work? We love a classic white button down top paired with a bold print skirt and finished off with some black accessories for the office

The same principles work just as well with a black shirt and black booties. Let the print skirt do all the talking. And to really up the glam on this work look, some statement making but not too distracting jewelry is the way to go.

Agreat alternative to the button down is a nicely fitted jumper, or cardigan or knit top. You can call it either of those names but there is no denying that paired with an African print skirt, it makes for a cozy and beautiful look that works very well for a day in a formal environment.

Not going to work today? Or maybe you work in the kind of environment where bold fashion and creativity is encouraged? Well the same knit top and print skirt combo still works in very bright colours and bolder shapes, like this beautiful fit and flare skirt with a bright yellow oversized cardigan look which we just love.

Or go for a combo vibe with a skirt that stands out a knit top that is OK to be in the background. Same bold and cozy effect, but you can play around with the elements

Somethimes, the power of a good African print skirt is in it's ability to stand out but this makes it hard to style it in multiple ways. Well never fear, a great way to create multiple different outfits with your African print is to pair it with colours from the skirt. So every time you style it, you pick a different colour from the skirt. Our model here has done it with the green in the skirt this time, but next time, she can choose the blue or the maroon. Same skirt, multiple outfits right there.

Alternatively, you can pick a different totally bold colour top and use some of your print to add detail to it, like a belt or pin it on as a brooch or sew it onto the edges, if you know how to sew that is. This way, you have two totally different pieces with the same print that can also be worn together

Not up for all that hassle, keep it simple and pair your beautiful skirt with a t shirt or a top for an easy breezy look that says I'm fabulous without even trying

Seriously, African prints skirts and tshirts are the ultimate in easy style and you can dress them up or down too suit multiple occasions

And to really add an edge, rock it with a pair of booties and a biker jacket for a hard strong finish.

Now if you really want to up your African print skirt game and take it to the next level, you need to pair it with more African print. You can play it safe and rock two separate pieces in the same print or you can be really bold and try your African print skirt with a top in a different African print. Trust me, if you pick two different prints with similar colours or similar patterns or different prints in the same colour, you will not look crazy. All eyes will be on you for all the right reasons.

But if you're not ready to go all the way big print, you can always pair your bold African print skirt, with a top that has a lighter print, like to tropical one shown above nd finish it off with some bad ass accessories. Either ways, you will be the centre of attention.

African prints skirts are beautiful, versatile and no matter what your size or style, you are sure to find one that fits you. So go on and grab your favourite African print skirt and style away. Be sure to tag @theankarahouse in your instagram photos. And click here to shop some beautiful print skirts



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Growing up, AJ saw beautiful strong women working hard each day to build the lives they dreamed of, to care for their families, to stand up and be recognised and to be strong up right women in society. Foremost of those women were her own grandmother and mother and those women did all of those things in beautiful African print fabrics.

These fabrics are woven into the lives of resilient women, they are a part of the everyday lives of these women as they struggle and grow and face challenges and resist adversity to keep winning again and again. And it’s that legacy and heritage that the Ankara House seeks to carry on.

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