Perhaps, it was your new year's resolution to do more with your prints, maybe you just want some inspiration or maybe you just want more otions for your work wardrobe.Well, we have some beautiful outfits and some great tips to help you add more print and colour to your work wardrobe. 


Look1- A classic boss look

A pencil skirt is a great way to incorporate more print into your work wardrobe. Paired here with a black shirt and black boots, this look is worthy of any boos lady. It si strong without being too loud and aggressive and perfect for a day of meeting when you need to make a good professional impression.

Look 2- Add some edge

This look is for the more edgy lady. It can be quiet hard to represent an edgy style to your work wardrobe in a corporate or formal environment. So why not try this meanswear inspired look with print details. A simple pair of cuffed chinos and suspenders are all you need to take a typical menswear work look from drab to fab, the rest is all attitude.

Look 3- Dress it up

When it comes to dresses in the workplace, most people tend to go for the classic pencil dress silhouette. But if you really want to stand out, why not try a fit and flare style. The secret is to keep the length conservative and if you're not too sure, play it safe with the colours. And to really make it office appropriate, a sleeveless dress over a button down shirt does the trick like no other.

Look 4- The midi skirt

Everyone loves a good print midi skirt, and i'm sure you have a few in your wardrobe, but have you ever thought about wearing it to work? Well, if you have but are not sure how to pull it off, this one is for you. The trick is to make your skirt the centre of the look, and style it with pieces that you would normally wear to work in muted understated colours. This way your look isn't too far off from your usual work look, but it's still very different.

Look5- More Colour, more print

Think your workplace needs more colour? Well, be the change you wish to see. Or maybe your own wardrobe needs more colour. The trick to pulling off a colourful look at work is all in the elements. Pick pieces that you would normally wear to work, only this time in bright colours. So if you would normally wear a jumper to work, replace the brown one with a pink one, or if you would normally wear a blouse, drop the navy blue one for a yellow one, or if you would normally wear a pair of wide leg trousers, try an African print pair instead. Now the full on look might not work for everyone so start small and work your way up if you're not too confident. And pay attention to your bosses reaction, cos this look isn't for every workplace

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