Our Story


Our Inspiration

Started in 2009, Ankara House is part of the CJAJ09 Group, a family of companies that are committed to empowering women and telling the stories of empowered women.

Ankara House was born out of passion, and a desire to find one’s self. In a moment of uncertainty, AJ Taylor, our founder and creative director picked up a sewing machine and discovered a love for making clothes, telling stories and dressing women. Following on from there, she decided to combine all those loves into creating a fashion house that is all about women. Her chosen medium of African Prints speak to her roots, and is in honour of the woman who most inspires her, her Grandmother.

Growing up, AJ saw beautiful strong women working hard each day to build the lives they dreamed of, to care for their families, to stand up and be recognised and to be strong up right women in society. Foremost of those women were her own grandmother and mother and those women did all of those things in beautiful African print fabrics.

These fabrics are woven into the lives of resilient women, they are a part of the everyday lives of these women as they struggle and grow and face challenges and resist adversity to keep winning again and again. And it’s that legacy and heritage that the Ankara House seeks to carry on.

We want to dress strong women who are finding their way in this modern world. We create for women who are ready to embrace their uniqueness and create a new path. We dress women who are on a journey and who have a story to tell. Are you one of those women? Then join our family.

When you buy from Ankara House, you empower women in Africa and the UK who are a part of the journey to bring you these beautiful clothes and you enable this brand to make room for more of those women. When you buy from Ankara House, you can be rest assured that you will not only be receiving a beautiful handmade piece, but that you have made someone’s life better and are empowering more women. That is who we are and we invite you to join us.

Our Ethos

We are an independent fashion design house and clothing store that is all about making style accessible and fashion affordable for the sophisticated, hard working and discerning woman. We believe that culture and heritage should not have to cost that much and that clothes should be an extension of ones style, belief and background; a way to show who we really are. We aim to bring you beautiful, in style and on trend clothing at prices that won't leave you broke. Our products are of very high quality and we aim to provide the best customer service we can. 

Our designs draw from the beauty and sophisticated nature of European fashion mixed with the richness and ethnicity of African culture. Our clothes are a mixture of classic, vintage, contemporary and modern styles, which means we can cater to all events and occasions.

Our Services

Clicking the shop tab on this site will take you into our online store where we have a variety of beautiful pieces in different styles designed to fit different women and to cater for all occasions. All the pieces in our store are designed to fit beautifully into the modern women's wardrobe, adding an element of colour, print, boldness and sophistication.

Just to help you keep your personal sense of style, we offer modifications on most clothing in store, and we also offer a custom made dress service so just get in touch with us via email at info@ankarahouse.co.uk

On our blog, and through our newsletter, we aim to share tips and tricks on how to create and curate a strong wardrobe for your life style. We do this by sharing style inspirations, outfit videos, look books and collaborations with bloggers to inspire you to put your best foot forward

As of 2017, in our quest to help you get more African print into your life and our effort to serve you better, we have expanded our offerings with the Zahara range, a line of African print home ware and accessories for your life. It's full of African print pieces that will fit right into your life and around your home, adding an instant touch of colour and culture. We have also launched the Ankara Life subscription box, a monthly box delivering clothes, homeware and accessories to your door with no extra hassle for you at all. Because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to live that Ankara Life and have all the print and colour you deserve. 

Thank you very much for visiting us and we hope you enjoy your time here. Use the contact up tab on bottom right side of the page to speak us about any questions, comments, feedback. Feel free to send us a message and join our mailing list for promotions, new arrivals and promotions. Happy shopping.



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