Custom Orders

Want something custom made?

You have your own personal style and nothing in our store suits you. Or do you have a specific idea of what you want, and you want something that only you will have. 

Well, that's ok. All you have to do is drop us an email at or use the contact us tab on the right side of the page to contact us. Please title your message "Custom order". One of our designers will get in touch with you to discuss your ideas and help bring your visions and fantasies to life.

We will help you to decide on everything from style or silhouette through fabrics and will even offer extra styling help in putting together the perfect outfit if necessary. Have no fabric, we can help you with that. Not too sure on the style you want? We'll take your ideas and specifications and design something beautiful with you.

We will help you to visualise the perfect outfit, then we'll make it based on your usual dress size or measurements and have it posted out to you in 14 days. 





We get it. Sometimes, you like the style of the top but not the fabric its made in. And sometimes, that dress would be perfect, if only it had a waistband. And that skirt just needs to be a little bit longer in order to suit you perfectly. 

Well, let's modify it for you. We are willing to make tiny little changes to our pieces in order to have it suit you perfectly. So would you like to add 2 inches onto the end of that skirt? Or would you prefer if that top had a slightly lower neckline? Let us know by using the Contact us tab on the right of the page. In the subject section of the form, Type in " Modification" and the name of the piece you're interested in. Then tell us what you would like to have modified about your piece. Then send that to us.

After that, go ahead and place your order as you usually would. On your shopping cart page, scroll down to the bottom and in the "add special instructions to your order box", just type in "Modifications" and the email address you used in filling out the contact us form.

We will email you to confirm as soon as we receive your form and order.





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