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What is the Ambassadors programme

One of the goals of Ankara House and the larger CJAJ09 Group is to empower women and one of the ways we aim to do that is by helping women be more in control of their lives and their incomes. Through the Ankara House Ambassadors programme, we aim to achieve this goal in two ways, first by helping our Ambassadors make more money, and secondly by equipping you with tools and lessons to build a brand, a better life and to live life on your own terms.

So how do we achieve our aims?
It's simple. When you join the ambassadors programme, you sign up first and foremost to sell. We give you products from our range at cost price, that is the price it costs us to produce them, and then you have the opportunity to mark those products up to retail price, that is the usual market value and sell them at those prices. Once you've sold the product, you pay us back the cost price and the rest is yours to keep. So for example, we'll give you a pencil skirt at £15, that's how much it costs us to make that skirt, package it and get it to you. You can then sell that skirt for up to £30. You then pay us £15 and the other £15 is yours to keep. We have a recommended retail price window for every product but for the most part, you get to set your price within that window and therefore, you get to decide how much money you make. There are no upfront costs to you and you don't have to buy the inventory. you just have to undergo some training and sign a good faith contract. The best part is that you can grow within our programme. When you start off, we give you only a few pieces to begin with, once you sell those off you can ask for more and more pieces as you progress on the programme. At some stage, you may be able to recruit others to the programme, mentor new recruits or even have enough stock at any time to run your own boutique. Your progress is up to you and where you want to go. So whether you're looking for a short term way to make some quick income or a long term brand building strategy, this programme can work for you.
And alongside the selling and progressing as you please, we have a newsletter for all our Ambassadors where you'll receive training materials on business, brand building, selling more products, first look at new products and just general tips for building a better life for yourself.
This programme is built with you in mind and designed to benefit you. But in case you're wondering, It helps us as a brand to achieve our goal of empowering women, expand our reach and sell more products through you. So it's a win for us too.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today in the box below or email us at if you have any questions. And let's get you started on your journey to a better life.



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